Tuesday, July 01, 2014

{ Goodbye! }

Dear all,
I will be not be updating this blog any more. Take Care.

Monday, June 09, 2014

{ Art Journal 手帳 ~ June 9, 2014 }

{ Art Journal 手帳 ~ June 9, 2014 }
Doing an art journal page for my visit to the Studio Ghibli Exhibition. Took so so long to just get the sketch done. Will post more photos of the art journal later on.
參觀吉卜力工作室展覽。花了一段時間畫完草圖, 將貼更多的照片。:D

Thursday, May 29, 2014

{ What I MAde ~ Happy Jar - May 2014 }

{ What I MAde ~ Happy Jar - May 2014 }
I made this Happy Jar before we moved in April. I found an empty glass jar at home, decorated it with some masking tapes. (The two at the bottom are from MT, the first one from Maste.) I wrote my happy moments on scrap papers then put them in. When I feel down, I will pick out any random happy moments captured inside to cheer myself up. :D There is even a board for Happiness Jar on Pinterest.  

Monday, May 26, 2014

{ Freebie Monday ~ Kitty Dashboard 小貓手帳Dashboard ~ May 26, 214 }

I'm back! I do miss making things so I made a kitty dashboard and mini index tabs for my planner. The dashboard is designed for Filofax personal size and can be printed on A4 paper.
Here is the link for download. Enjoy :D

我回來了!做了一個小貓Dashboard 和迷你貓貓索引標籤。Dashboard 的大小基於Filofax 個人記事本大小做的。用A4紙打印。

Friday, May 09, 2014

{ Update ~ May 9, 2014 }

{ Update ~ May 9, 2014 }
Photos of the new apartment > total madness.
We're slowly packed up whats left there and unpacked our things. My side of the office is still messy (the last photo.... -_-; ) since I unpacked and organized Mr.C's side first so he can have space to work. Not much crafting/blogging/drawing happened during the last 2 (?) weeks. Waiting for Mr.C to set up more shelving space in the office, fix the kitchen sink and kitchen cabinet for us to get more organized.
I would really ove to get some crafting and projects done next week. Take Care :D

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

{ We're Moving! }

Been busy working on my booklet assignment that was due on Apr 12th. Then Mr.C and I are moving on Apr 18th to another flat! Not only do we have to pack our stuff, we're also packing the things left from the previous tenant at the new flat that we're moving into. And we only have 1 week to do all these!!!!!!! So it is crazy messy here and we don't expect to have internet back until sometime next week after the Easter Holiday. See you all later :D Gotta go back to packing!! -_-: