Thursday, April 03, 2014

{ What I MAde ~ Rubber Stamp 橡皮章 ~ Apr 3, 2014 }

  • My 30x/30Day Project for March ~ 30 Rubber Stamp/30 Day. I have been wanting to make stickers for my planner and art journal so I drew the designs on a piece of circle label. Took out a few pieces of rubber from Daiso, a cutting knife then started working.
  • 我三月的30x/30Day 項目 ~ 30件橡皮章/30天。我一直想有自己的貼紙貼在手帳和art journal上,所以畫了一些設計,掏出幾塊大創橡膠和美工刀,然後開始工作。
  • Draw the design with pencil or lead. Transfer the image to a piece of rubber.
  • 用鉛筆或鉛畫出設計,將設計transfer到一塊橡膠上。

  • Cut the outline of the design.
  • 切出設計的輪廓。

  • Gradually cut out the details of it.
  • 漸漸切出設計的細節。

  • Clean the lead with a piece of tape and keep working on the details.
  • 用一塊膠紙清潔橡膠上的鉛,繼續努力切出細節。

  • Clean the lead again and test out the stamp. Cut the stamp out of the rubber and use it to stamp it anyway you would like. Enjoy! :D
  • 再次清潔橡膠上的鉛。測試切戳出來的橡膠。完成! Enjoy! :D
  • Monday, March 24, 2014

    { Freebie Monday ~ Filofax Personal Size Finance Sheet. FF Personal Finance 內頁 March 2014 }

    { Freebie Monday ~ Filofax Personal Size Finance Sheet. FF Personal Finance 內頁 March 2014 }
    I love having everything in one place (my planner :D). So I created a finance sheet for my home section of my planner. The idea of this is not my own. I came across it from a random youtube video one day but I didn't catch the name of the person who came up with the original design. (Please comment if you know. )
    我的Aqua Drops 手帳內有筆記,日程安排,工作,家庭和個人部分。每部分有更多的小部分。設置就像Filofax手帳。我在家庭部分增加Finance 內頁用它來記錄收入和支出。我在YouTube看到一張這樣的內頁,但我找不到下載,所以我做了一些修改,並打印自己的。
    P.S. The planner page background is white, I don't understand why the pictures above look a bit greyish..
    P.S.手帳內頁背景是白色的,我不明白為什麼上面的圖片看起來有點灰灰... ...
    • Click here to download the first one. 下載第一個,請點擊這裡
    • Go over to AstineCreation to download the color one. 請去到 AstineCreation 下載第二個。
    • I have included the last picture to suggest how you could use it, but you can use it any way you like. Please let me know how you like it or how it can be improved. Thanks and Enjoy :D我已經上傳圖片建議如何使用Finance 內頁。但你可以用任何你喜歡的方式。請讓我知道如何可以改善它。Enjoy :)

    Thursday, March 20, 2014

    { Art Journal 手帳 ~ Jan 5 -10, 2014 }

    { Art Journal 手帳 ~ Jan 5 -10, 2014 }
    I'm finally back! Yeah~ Have you heard of a very talented comic artist Little Thunder? If you haven't, you should really take some time to go check out her work and her facebook. Enjoy! :D
    I love her Kylooe 1 & 2 a lot!

    Friday, March 14, 2014

    Sorry, I've been sick (still am) since last weekend, so there is no blog post this week. Hoping that it will get better and have some blog posts up next week~ Take Care :D

    Thursday, March 06, 2014

    { Art Journal 手帳 ~ Jan 1-4, 2014 }

    { Art Journal ~ Jan 1-4, 2014 }
    I know it is March already but I just realized I have not uploaded the photos of my art journal yet, so here they are for Jan 1~4. Enjoy! :D

    Wednesday, March 05, 2014

    { Grateful Journal 小確幸 ~ March 5, 2014 }

    { Grateful Journal 小確幸 ~ March 5, 2014 }
    • Grateful: I learnt and made 3 new dishes within the week. They're Beef, Beans Sprouts with Seasame Sauce, Mixed Peas Veggi Soup and Dumpling with Soup. The first two are delicious! The dumplings not so good, will have to change the ingredients next time.              感恩:我學會了3個新的菜。他們是芝麻醬牛肉營養雜菜湯上湯水餃 。前兩個好好吃!餃子不太好,下一次會改的成分。
    • Grateful: I finished reading Interworld! Yeah~   感恩:我讀完Interworld
    • Grateful: Mr. C bought me beautiful roses~~ :)   感恩:C先生給我買了美麗的玫瑰花~~
    • Grateful: The delicious lunch we had at United Cafe Bistro last Sunday.   感恩:我們在United Cafe Bistro 吃美味的午餐。
    • Grateful: The cute and really cheap Mindwave stickers I found at a local bookstore.   感恩:我在當地的書店發現便宜可愛的Mindwave貼紙。
    • Grateful for all love and opportunities around us. Take CAre! :D    感恩:我們身邊所有的愛和的機會。Take CAre! :D