Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Went to work today, heard lots of interesting things about a certain someone. BUT if one believes in God, doesn't that make him/her a more forgiving & kindhearted person rather than someone who constantly gossips?

Been playing with Photoshop CS, getting ready to do project A1. Took a few pics of the "Aloe Vera Overlord" & tried putting them together, The result didn't turn out the way I would like, but will keep trying!

The Overlord in the pic is huge compared with those tiny ones you get from W_____ for $3.99. And if you look very very closely at the lower right hand corner, you may even notice the small little clay worm you bought from National Gallery. I put the little fellow there to remind me of the trip we went together :") & when to water the Overlord. (especially during the dreadful winter.)

Will try to keep the Overlord happy & healthy while you're away. xoxo

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