Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gluebooks 1st Page Challenge March 1 2006

gluebook p1, originally uploaded by DinDinTatTat.

March 1st 2006
Once again jumped into another craft group, this one is Gluebooks (a yahoo group). I've always collected magazines for picture, photos, ideas. When my pile grew more & more out of control, I came acorss this group!! Perfect!! Like a match made in heaven~~
Finally finished my 1st Page Challenge!! There are a few winkles coz I did a watercolor on the other side of the page of my notebook after I made this page, next time, would do the drawing first before diving into gluebooking again~ ( or should use paper suitable for watercolor if I could afford it...)
Anyhow I like the page, just imagine what would happen if flowers are coming out of guns instead of bullets!!

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