Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Studio Friday - Inspiration - Mar 5 2006

inspiration mar 5 2006, originally uploaded by DinDinTatTat

Studio Friday - March 5 06' - Inspiration
Sources of Inspiration: (not an inclusive list)
- Friends, Families, & love ones
- Beautiful patterns
- ARt & craft supplies
- Toys - Chiu Bear & Beetle Pooh
- FAshion, Photos, Nature, Food and so many other things!!
- Books & Magazines: Now Reading - The Creative License!! (highly recommended!)
- WWW & Blogs: I learnt so much wonderful craft & art ideas from blogs of very talented people! I've participated in 2 swaps, Studio Friday, Illustration Friday & Gluebooks!! I've started to draw again after so many years of convincing myself that I'm not good enough to draw. Now my drawings are still quite simple but I've learnt to accept at least part of myself and of my ability. (As long as I tried my best, I should not be so harsh on myself by setting unrealistic standards.) Not only did I get to learn about art, craft, books through the web, I've also gained a lot of encouragement from people all over the world leaving me comments, advice & kind words. THANK YOU!!
- The list is continue growing everyday~~ As I mentioned before, yr 2006 is definitely going to be a GREAT YR & a GREAT START for me!!!


  1. Oh wow!!! This is soooo beautiful!! Amazing inspiration!! How wonderful DinDin!! What a piece of art! I love your handwriting on top so much, too!

  2. Great piece of artwork. Interesting presentation.

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  4. Beautiful drawing, like a real puzzel. I want to put together that puzzel, it looks so fun - and inspiring! :-)