Friday, May 05, 2006

CN Tower Climb Apr 29 2006

cntower1, originally uploaded by DinDinTatTat.

Early bird woke up around 5:30a.m.

Sleepy DinDin in empty subway~

Arrived at Union Station Skywalk around 6something a.m., already lots of people lining up waiting to be registered. Some people already finished the climb!

I started the walk until 7:42:17 a.m. (Since I don't used to exercise much, so I decided to walk up the tower instead of running.) Stopped every 10th level to break. I asked a lady how many levels are there? She told me around 70sth... ...

WWF already posted that there are 1776 steps for the climb and I noticed that there are 12 steps each level... so how could there be only 70sth levels ?? Finally reached 70sth level, there it was, a sign attached to the stairwell saying that "you're half way to the top!" ...

Reached the 100th level~~

Finally finished @ 8:15:08a.m. Let's got some rest & took photos!!~

Wor!! Someone actaully finished the climb (1776 steps 148 levels) @ 10min and 6 sec!!!

My time is 32min51sec (3318 among 4000sth participants) Signed a petition afterwards, hope the government would pay more attention to climate change, allocate more resources into protecting the environment & the Kyoto Protocol

Took photos afterwards~

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  1. DinDin, you shouldn't have worried too much about the climb as you have LONGGGG limbs! You are great! Your blog is lovely, I love the layout and the graphics and the inspiring things you wrote.