Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I finally changed the locks at my friend's place (legally of course!). The tenant has moved out, terminated the lease early & threaten to break in if we go after him for financial damages... (honestly, I don't care why you're divorced & why your kids don't want to live with you, they're NOT my problem! You're an adult at least 20 yrs my senior!! You have more than enough opportunities to visit the property before you made a decision!! You have signed a legally binding lease contract for 1 whole damn yr !! & PLEASE DON'T THREATEN ME!! & another RIDICULOUS part was that the police told me that there is NOTHING they can do unless he actually breaks in!! (no... miss... he is threatening the house, NOT threatening you!!) Well is the house going to walk into a police station to file a report??
Anyway after nearly 2 months, finally got a tribunal order to legally terminate the lease & can officially put it out onto the market again...
Would I file a small claim against the stupid tenant??
Probably won't do it now since I'm not going to put the house at risk for a few thousand dollars, No way! If the owner actually wants to take him to small claim, we'll sell the house before we take any legal actions.
So much for the unpleaseant stuff~~~
I have been working on a bunch of unfinished drawings & collages... not sure which medium to use for coloring the line drawings. The collages are left unfinished. Some elements are missing, just not sure what... Let me think about it.

Things to do
Hist 3210 Book review
Hist 3500 Battle review
Hist 3500 Midterm Exam (done)
census 2006 (done)
Italian immigration essay research
Plan... ...
(some people suggest: imagine where you want to be and then figure out the steps to get there ... BUT what to do if there are so much I want to do??? ) Some suggest I should go into jewellery design/fashion design coz of my "so-called artistic sense" ... but I also want to get into legal field... would it actually be possible to do both??? I know, I'm greedy~~~ :p but I don't want to waste my life thinking what it would be like to do that "thing" if I have given it a try... I don't want to live a life without any purpose or dream...

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