Friday, March 09, 2007

Movies that I'm looking forward to~ March 9, 07'

The definite ones on my list are:
- Pan's Labyrinth (heard that it's really good )
- The Pursuit Of Happyness by Will Smith
- The 40 years of Poland Animation (should it be "Polish Animation" instead of "Poland Animation"?? )
last but not least:
- Hannibal Rising

(photo from official Hannibal Rising website)
My family always think that I'm a psycho for loving to watch movies like Silence of the Lamb, Red Dragon, and The Cell, etc... well... so what?! \@0@/ I dropped by PageOne to look for the book, but they only have the hardcover and costs well over $200 bucks!! No wonder Library is one of my best friends ~~ (call me a geek! haha >:P)

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