Saturday, June 28, 2008

Goals, Everyday Matters & What to do with a kaput umbrella?

Have been using Joe's Goals for around 2 week now. Time for a quick review.
The web-based goal tracking tool is designed to be extremely user-friendly. YOu only have to determine what your goals are and input basic info (such as day and points for each actions which contribute to your goals) before using the tracker. For me, I figured out where & what I want to be in the future. Break down the "Big Picture" into various smaller steps & set goals, then log the goals & my actions into the tracker. I have been using it everyday and would still be using it for a long while in the future.
For those of you who would love to use a "planner" type of GTD tool. Gtdagenda is also very helpful. (thanks dan!)

Everyday matters challenge # 3: purses, wallets and bags.

My pencil case and bunny coin purse :)

What to do with a kaput umbrella?

I already have some plans about what to do with this little fellow ~~ will take some photos once done. :)


  1. Are you familiar with ReadyMade magazine? I ask because they once had "use an old umbrella" for their recycled stuff challenge. I love reading about reuse ideas!

  2. Hey Christie, I'm not familiar with the ReadyMade magazine but will check it out & see if they have any good tips for the project~~ :) thanks for your msg