Wednesday, August 20, 2008

{ Ritual & Space - Journal Page Aug 19, 2008 }

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I don't really have any rituals before staring on a page or on a drawing. I just tend to "think" about the layout, colours alot. (Sometimes spend way too much time thinking than executing lol ~~ )
So I'm just going to start a ritual for my creative journey from now on.
1) meditate
2) have music I love as background while journaling to help release the stress & worries accumulated during the busy day.
The desk shown in the photo is my workspace at home where I do all of my art / schoolwork / take home work / eat dinner ... But today I took Kira's advice and did my page out in the public. At first I thought it would feel weird, then I realize no one was actaully looking at. (Thats certainly a relief!) :)

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