Saturday, March 14, 2009

{ A beautiful Sunny Day Mar 14, 09 }

It is a beautiful sunny day outside! So Cheerful esp after a cloudy rainy Friday. Just finished writing my essay on the Flecther Page House and the Magney House, it took way longer than I thought. But it is normal considering I don't write much (Posting to blog and writing email sadly doesn't count as writing for me...) & how long it has been since my uni days. I'm just taking a short break before diving back into my AD assignment.

Bought an interesting new book Leong1 yesterday by See Man Ho, also known as 2 dogs 11 cats in Hong Kong. I love her illustrations, green lifestyle, and I love her for being herself! The book contains some green ideas and recipes that I'm going to try out later on.

Will upload some photos of my Paper Adventure 09, Art Journal, and the cover of Leong1 tomoorw.

Oh Oh! I got the tickets for Slumdog Millionaire tonight! :)

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