Saturday, April 18, 2009

{ Art Journal Pages Apr 9 - 17, 09' }

from upper left to lower right:
1) Journal page for April 9, 09'. Did a sketch from the cover of a medical booklet. This one focuses on the baby. The one on the 17th focues on the mom holding the child.
2) Journal page for April 12, 09'. Showing the 2 cat zakka I purchased from Pinkpandamary on the Easter street market. I glued both the stickers and the packaging onto the page. I sort of imagined the white cat as a royalty hence its strange clothings.
3) Journal page for April 14, 09'. Collage play with Crowabout week 32.
Collage elements provided by Nancy.
4) Journal page for April 15, 09'. Playing with a fisherman package and came up with a whale, an octopus, and a "fisherman"...
5) Journal page for April 16, 09'. Did some sketches on a moving bus, hence the shaky lines and the title :)
Some of the collage elements provided by Nancy.
6) Journal page for April 17, 09'. Did another sketch from a booklet. The woman on the left is also a collage element provided by Nancy.
I started to do my morning pages a few days ago, but I forgot to do it today... -_-;

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