Friday, April 10, 2009

{ Art Journal Pages & Others. }

from upper left to bottom right
1. Been working on my school project, we are to design a house on a selected site. I have finished the 1:500 site model but I'm stuck for my house design. Going to spend the Easter Holiday playing catchup.
2. Art Journal Page Apr 4, 09'
3. Who do you want to be? - Art Journal Page Apr 5, 09'
Collage element provied by Nancy.
4. To Do List - Apr 6, 09'
Collage element provied by Nancy.
5. Secret - Apr 7, 09'.
Some fo the collage elements provied by Nancy.
6. Art Journal Page Apr 8, 09'

If you're in HK, there is a small street market for handcraft lovers coming up on this Easter Sunday. Info > la belle epoque

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