Sunday, June 14, 2009

{ Art Sunday - June 14, 09' }

Started to read Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way and decided to try drawing portraits. I would have thrown out the "bad" ones in the past, but decided to keep them in my drawing book and post them onto the blog. I want to be honest with myself and have to start from the 1st step. Start drawing, learn from the "mistakes" and move on. Someday when I look back, I will be able to see all the drawings I did, not only the "right" ones.
from left to right

  • 1-2 - drawings based on the new shu uemura campaign.
  • 3-4 - drawings based on a magazine photo.
  • 5-6 - drawings baed on a magazine interview photos.
  • 7-8 - Ice cream drawings. I cannot eat ice cream since I'm constantly coughing & not allowed to eat any, so I can only draw them.
  • I'm happy with the results and feel so productive and creative. I kept drawing and even forgot to eat dinner until around 10:30 last night. :P

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