Saturday, May 01, 2010

{ Art Journal Page & Collage - May 1, 2010 }

I went to watch Ironman 2 last night. I like it since there is no complicated plot, just pure muscle, fights and happy ending. Perfect for a relaxing friday night :) though Mr. C likes the first one more.
I did a simple collage on the drawing I did last week. May be I will keep adding to it until it feels like finished. I still feels uncomplete to me somehow.
Two inspiring blogs I found recently are:

  • Daisy Yello Blog - with monthly creative experiments and tons of fun art topics

  • KimberlyWilson blog - She posts podcasts and inspiring topics on her blog. I especially like that she lists her monthly dreams & goals on the blog and some of her dreams are somthing that I would like to try too!

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    1. wonderful collage!
      i love your sense of color.