Tuesday, May 11, 2010

{ Collage Play & Art Journal Page, May 11, 2010 }

Usually I don't start with any pre-determined idea about what a page will look like. I just go along with the colour and the collage elements to see where they're going to take me. But once in a while I would like to break the usuall pattern since I do tend to have certain colour preference. I especially don't "like" the green and orange colour combo so decided to play with them during the weekend. The colour experiment didn't go very well and I didn't really know what to do with the page so I decided to stick some paper strips onto it... ... it is still missing SOMETHING. I'm going to leave this page for now, perhaps that SOMETHING will pop up one day.

What do people usually call that "SOMETHING"? I think I will call it "Missing Spark" ?
I finally found a pen that I like for drawing and writing on watercolour pencil background. The matt white, blue and pink shown on this journal page are done with the Sakura Souffle(I think my scanner is too bright so the pink doesn't show through at all, but I do like the colours alot once they're dry.) The Sakura pens are also mentioned in on Kelly's page.

Collage elements provided by and for Collage Play With Crowabout group.
Since I only play with collage and art journal pages once in a while (not like an everyday "art/mind exercise", I'm still searching for/building up a "style". Sometimes I tend to do simple drawings/collage but other times I have to fill the page up. I enjoy playing with both types but still wonder if I need to find a "style" for myself or simply playing and enjoying is enough because I would like to further develop this artistic ability.
I do wonder how other people find their style and how long does it take for them to find it. -_-?
I'm still reading Getting Things Done since I'm reading and following David's advice at the same time. So it is going to take me a really really long time to finish the book.  (I'm just starting with my "In" list and I have the book for about  2 years now... -_-; )
I will be doing a lot less journal pages in May since it is the end of my school term with assignments due and exams coming up. Cannot wait for May to be over!

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  1. My May is pretty darned crazy, too. I love the elements of your pages, sweet one. The style WILL come... (I keep telling myself the same thing!)

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