Wednesday, June 02, 2010

{ Journal Page - June 2, 2010 }

Even though I don't have night classes during the summer months I still find it difficult to squeeze everything that I want to do into my schedule. I'm still trying to put all my "in box" down onto paper for the GTD. It feels like it is going to take forever to list and clear my inbox... I really want to experience the"zen" feeling that some people experience when they are always on top of everything. So I will stick with whatever it takes (GTD at the moment) for me to get zen. I was looking at my bookshelf building my "may be list" and realized I have so many books that I have not got through yet. (not to mention books that are stored else where) So I set aside an hour as my reading time and another hour for journal/creative exercises hopefully I can get more reading and creative done this way.
Finally a new journal page for Collage Play with Crowabout, I mainly journal about working on "inbox".
And my cooking adventure begins, this is one of my first dishes on the upper right. :)
A handmade market I visited on May 30, 2010 around Central.
- Fabric set from Cherry Fair
- Pink handkerchief by Luluism
- Angry Mushroom pin and stickers by PinkPandaMary
I also went to the Hong Kong Interioanl Art Fair 2010, will blog about some of my favorite artists later. :)

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