Monday, June 28, 2010

{ Journal Page - June 24 & 28 10' }

The above is a collage journal page using elements provided for Collage Play with Crowabout group - Week 84. The page is about my school results.
I finally got the results from school and am very disappointed. I know I messed up on one subject but didn't expect such disappointing results for 2 other subjects. U see, this particular school does not allow students to look at their own marked assignments or tests. So when it comes time to study and prepare for exam, you will never know what marks you have before going in or what mistakes you have made during mid-terms. This really annoys me. I would like to check what marks I actually got and or what I have done wrong since I do believe I deserve a better grade. I didn't do any journal pages for a while coz I'm kinda upset about the result. Deciding what to do next. Whether I should stay or go elsewhere.

Challenge # 15 - Goals for July.
I came across Janel's blog, Run With Scissors. She is currently hosting a 30 Day Journal Challenge. This is my first entry though it is already # 15 out of the total 30. I'm going to work on the previous ones after # 30. This one is about setting Goals for July. One of the ways to getting things done is to put them down, break them up into smaller steps and put them into your schedule like booking appointments so you will always remember to set them for them. I'm looking forward to crossing off my July Goal list and seting an August one soon.  :)

I have finished reading Eat, Pray, Love, and am re-reading it again to take down some inspiring ideas. I'm so amazed coz it is like nothing that I have ever read before. I thought it is just going to be like another book but many things in this little book have helped me just when I really needed some help. I started praying and writing my morning pages everyday. I'm going to write down all those inspiring ideas and keep them close by so I can revisit these ideas whenever I need to.
Just started to read a book by Po Bronson called What Should I Do with My life? The book is recommended to me by a friend and I plan on finishing this in July. Going to write more about it later on. 

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  1. DinDin, I think that the school is setting people up to fail if they don't let you know how you are doing during the term and the things that you need to work on to improve. Sorry to hear that you didn't get the results you were hoping for.

    Way to go on getting started with the 30 day journal challenge. I am not good at following through on things like that. I appreciate people who can. :)