Sunday, August 22, 2010

{ New Projects! - Food Diary & Book of Happiness }

I have started 2 new mini lists (or projects?) to help me reach my goals: a Food Diary and a Book of Happiness.
  • (To be healthy) Food Diary: I started to do it because Mr. C is "supposed" to be on a diet and is to keep track on what he eats but he often forgets. So it is easier for me to keep track of the meals we have together while at the same time, it helps to remind me to eat more healthy food. I used a half-filled monthly planner for it. Will take photo of the inside as Aug comes to an end.
  • (To be grateful) Book of Happiness: I want to take more photos so decided to take photos of the small wonders everyday and at the end of month I will print one photo/day and stick them onto this little book. When I'm upset, all I need to do is to take one look of whats inside to make me happy and ready to go again.
What do you do to help achieve your goals??  


  1. To do lists! Lots and lots of to do lists!!

    I love these little books. They are fab!! You should def add these to the hearthandmade flickr group :)

  2. thanks I'm glad you like them too :) What are on your to do list?? I'm always curious to see what other people are up to.