Friday, November 19, 2010

{ Holiday Gift Idea 1: Woodland Belle - Etsy }

Is it too early to be thinking about holiday gift?
Perhaps. But since I spend lots of time on internet looking for gift or diy ideas for holiday/birthdays/special occasions, I think it may be useful to do a little series of holiday gift ideas. I personally LOVE Etsy ( I'm not getting paid to say it! ) coz there are just so many talented creative people on there and this shop happens to be one of my fav. Woodland Belle.
These beautiful gems are a bit pricy for me, but I bet they will make perfect holiday gifts for some very lucky people. :)
Photos taken from Woodland Belle.

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  1. I love the tiny terrariums! Thank you for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment. I finished the tag project if you want to see the results:)