Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{ Pixar - 25 Years of Animation HK }

Pixar Exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in April 2011.
  • Get to see some of the drawings for Toy Story 3. There is a drawing of a Hamm ship. So detailed and interesting. On a set of colour scripts, I even saw Totoro in it! My gosh!
  • There are a set of collage images showing various heros and villains. Make me want to go through and cut out all the magazines at home to make something so fun as well.
  • Lots of character design sketches. Boo from Monster Inc. has a few very different looks but I love the Boo now. Even Sullican has different looks as well.
  • I have not watched Up yet, so when I saw the storyboard depicting Carl and Ellie, it was very touching and sad. Going to watch it soon.
  • Many of the exhibits are very interesting, especially the x-ray images and the models are a must see there. 
  • The Exhibition runs from 28 March to 11 July, 2011.

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