Saturday, December 17, 2011

{ What I MAde #21 - Ribbon Wreath }

 What I MAde # 21 - Ribbon Wreath 
  1. Draw circles of sizes you want on thick cardboard
  2. Cut out and use double sided tape to add the ribbon onto the cardboard.
  3. Continue to wrap ribbon around the circle and remember to add a loop at the top.
  4. Decorate the wreath with stickers or anything you like. I think this ribbon wreath idea can also be used a decorative frame for photos.
I have been reading a lot about DIY Christmas decorations lately and finally decided to make something myself for a greener holiday. So I found most of the materials I have at home and only buy 4 items from store. Here is a list of Christmas related craft I'm working on.     
  1. Snowflake - made of thick magazine page I have from home. (done!)
  2. Ribbon wreath - made of ribbon, fabric, cardboard, and stickers. (done!)
  3. Star pouch - made of leather scrap and can be used as a pouch and decoration. I'm almost done with the pouch, still need to print out a list of "Christmas traditions" to be put inside. (done!)
  4. Christmas journal
  5. Ipad pouch for Mr. C - Mr. C's Christmas gift. 
Inspiration from: gala darling, and paper bag wreath by Giddy Giddy.


  1. STUNNING! I love your colors! It is pure fun!

  2. they are so cute!!!! :-)

  3. thanks, glad you like it :)