Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{ Cambodia Note Sheet - Feb 29, 12' }

I went to Cambodia in January 2012. I admit that I didn't really know much about the history of the country. (I still don't know much now. Reading a few books do not really make me more knowledgeable.)Before the trip, I did all the usual things that tourists do, read a few guide books, look up beautiful historical sites to visit, tried to learn some local language and customs. I know that Cambodia is not a rich developed country, but the guide books did not prepare me for seeing what had actually happened there. All the famous historical sites are all ABSOLUTELY wonderful! 


We have also visited the the Killing Fields and S21.
It is heartbroken to see it.
It is heartbroken to see lots of children walking around trying to sell you their baskets of souvenirs.
It is heartbroken to see children waiting next to your dinning table so that they could eat any scraps.

After I come back to Hong Kong, I keep thinking of ways to help these people. I still have not figured it out, but I decided to make something about this trip to Cambodia that may help these people in some ways. I have a list of projects and one of them is the note sheets above. I made the 2 sheets  for people to download as freebies and wanted to link the Cambodia Red Cross on the page so people can donate whatever amount they can. 

BUT I cannot upload pdf files onto blogger, and I have not been able to find free web hosting services that I can upload these pdf files. (The sheets are created in Excel so they are output as pdf files.)
Would any of you know of free web hosting service that would let me upload pdf file so I can link it back to blogger?? 

My english is no good, but I hope you can understand what I'm trying to do. Thanks for understanding.

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  1. What a great idea to link to the Red Cross to help Cambodia. My great aunt was also touched by a visit to Cambodia. She worked with Traveler's Aid here in the US to help Cambodian immigrants learn English. Wish I knew how to help you get those posted but I only know basic blogging skills.