Thursday, February 16, 2012

{ What I MAde # 25 - Memo Index Tab Holder }

 What I MAde # 25 - Memo Index Tab Holder 
I have this lovely notebook for doing morning pages and grateful journal. The cover art is by a local Hong Kong artist. After using up all the pages, I decided to use it as a memo index tab holder. 
  1. Determine how many pages and pockets you will need for the holder. I only use 1 file for this, so there are only 2 pages and 2 pockets for mine. Measure the size of the cover and mark onto the file.
  2. Cut the file into the right size. The bottom part of the file will make 2 pockets.
  3. Apply masking tape along where you will sew the sheets with the cover for additional support.
  4. Punch holes and then sew them together. 
  5. I then put double-sided tape to the back of my index tab and stick them onto the plastic sheet. Then put the memos and stickers into the 2 pockets. 
I put this holder into my project notebook and now I can easily take the index tab out for use and they're all neatly organized in a lovely holder! :) Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for showing the step by step! This absolutely wonderful!