Friday, March 09, 2012

{ Art Journal - Mar 3 - 9, 12' }

Art Journal - Mar 6, 12' - I'm still doing the sketchbook exercise, but am sticking to exercise #1 coz I love the idea of recording the day and feelings with line drawings. Then picking out some strange and wonderful creatures from those lines.
(The drawing above does seem like a strange bird from some far Eastern folklore? And I do tend to pick out living creatures from the lines more than lifeless objects. May be it indicates something?? hmm...) I tried to draw while asking myself the question, "How do I feel?" It seems like I do tend to draw circles or curves most of the time so I consciously started to draw straight lines, triangles, will see where this exercise want to go.
Art Journal - Mar 3, 12' I read a Garfield comic book at a friend's place. (I LOVE Garfield!!) So decided to draw the teddy bear that Garfield loves on the page. I don't often have time to color in the sketches, so I tend to leave them like this.
Art journal - Mar 4, 12' Went to Taikoo Shin to check out the Muji exhibition and went into a Micky mouse tshirt booth there. They have polka dot Micky balloons hanging all over the place. :P Not a big fan of a mouse.
Art journal - Mar 5, 12'Some craft supplies that I pick up from SSP. So many ideas and things to make but so little time...
Art journal - Mar 7, 12'
Art journal - Mar 8, 12' ...
Art journal - Mar 9, 12' I got a Pental watercolor pen from bookstore. I like this kind of pen with a water pump at the end coz I just need 1 water proof ink pen, 1 watercolor pen and a small watercolor kit for doing art on the road. I used to have an old watercolor pen but the tip of the brush is ruined since I forgot to take the water out after using it. The water must have soaked through and ruined the tip. So now I would remember to take better care of it.

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