Sunday, May 27, 2012

{ Swap - May 27,2012 }

The Fill it! #3 sent by Chris. She sent me both issue #3 & 2 with a lovely notecard in an envie with lovely stamps! Thanks! :)
I have also created a page for swap items and have posted the above ATCs for trading. The swap page will be updated whenever I have created something for trade. ( I usually make extra for the swaps I join on Swapbot. )  So check the swap page often if you're interested in trading mail art, zines, etc.
p.s. Fill it issue #4 was just posted for signup on Swapbot, hurry and come play with us. :)

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  1. Hi Internet stranger/new friend! I found you from Swap Bot (I'm papermoon on there) and I think I'd really love to send you some zines and mail art :) If you're interested you can email me your address (or pm on the site) -- :)