Friday, June 08, 2012

{ #2 - 30 Day Journal Challenge 2012 }

{ #2 Goals for my 30DJC Journal - 30 Day Journal Challenge 2012 }
I have created 5 goals for my 30DJC journal 2012.
  1. To  Use up some of the papers & things that I have saved over the years. I have recently moved to a new apartment in May and realized how much stuff I have when I'm unpacking. So I know it is time to change my habit of saving things. I really need to use up my stuff! (I'm also working on a list of things to get rid of as part of my LifeEdit plan. "Get rid" = Use up, Read, Finish. )
  2. Use this 30DJC to get back into doing Art journal. I have dropped off the boat when I prepared for the move way back in April, so it is about time to get playing again! :)
  3. To EXPLORE. You know how sometimes you intended to do A but ended up with B/AB/AC/BC? So I'm not really setting any "Visual Limitation" on this challenge at all.
  4. To PLAY. I'm playing with the ideas of turning some of the journal pages into post card or name card for swap and trade.
  5. To CREATE. I have tons of empty notebooks around my house. I don't really want to throw them away and I know I need to finish using them up asap. (before my next move >~< !!) So I grab an empty notebook and decorate it to use for the 30DJC and as a goal-tracking notebook at the same time.
Come play @ 30 Day Journal Challenge hosted by Janel of Run With Scissors.
Take Care :)

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