Wednesday, August 08, 2012

{ Grateful Journal - Aug 8, 2012 ]

{ Grateful Journal - Aug 8, 2012 ]
  • Grateful that the pom pom clutch I made based on Aimee's tutorial has been posted on Swellmayde. Wow! I just wanted to make things and have fun, never thought the thing that I made would appear on Swellmayde. Thanks Aimee for sharing the tutorial and for posting the clutch!
  • Grateful for the wonderful movie date Mr. C and I had on last Sunday. We went to TST to watch Batman. I love this movie and I'm happy that Bruce could go on with his life. It is like seeing a friend finding happiness. :)
  • Grateful for the beautiful paper and the journal tags I got from Zakkafarm. Going to make some ~~~magic :).
  • Grateful for the Traveller's Notebook Postcard Campaign. I have finished mine and sent it out already.
  • Grateful for all the love and opportunities around us. Take Care.  

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