Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{ Grateful Journal - Sept 19, 2012 }

{ Grateful Journal - Sept 19, 2012 }
  • Grateful for having so much creative ideas lately. Please do keep these ideas coming, I will do my best to capture them and make them happen.
  • Grateful for the adorable masking tape and schedule that I got. lThe polka dot masking tape are from MT and the schedule is from Art Print Japan.
  • Grateful for the Too Cool for School Lip Tint Balm. It smells so nice and is very moisturizing. (Not to mention their Packaging is super adorable!)
  • Grateful for yummy noodle that I have been cooking for dinner.
  • Grateful for the nice weather that we're having here in Hong Kong.
  • Grateful for all the love around us. Take CAre :)

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