Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{ How I Organize with my Notebooks - Sept 11, 2012 }

{ How I Organize with my Notebooks - Sept 11, 2012 }
I love notebooks and I love seeing other bloggers sharing how they use theirs. It is like getting to see how their minds work on paper! I have lots of notebooks and a few pricey Moleskine that are sitting in boxes unloved since I want to save them for something special. (Honestly I was a bit afraid of ruining them.) But when I look around myself and realize how much stuff I have, I realized it is time to change. Starting with my notebook collection. I would actually use them. They are no longer just some pretty stuff, they will become a creative record of my journey.  Here are the 3 notebooks that I use regularly.  
  1. My leather notebook. - The leather notebook is made up of three mini-notebooks.
    1. The first part is a notebook that I made with ordinary notebook paper and scrapbook paper. It is my day-to-day appointments, to-do list, and expense record book. I use a post-it memo to list my weekly goals and clip it next to the "today page" so I always know what the big picture is. I also write down inspirational quotes and tips at the end of this notebook that I use cute little "Action" "Remember by Heart" and "Reminder" tags to bookmark them.
    2. The second part is the monthly schedule I made. It contains my current monthly schedule and clear plastic covers to store stickers, and memos. I have a cat memo sticker on each month to record my monthly achievement. The monthly achievement sticker helps keep me motivated.
    3. The third part is a sketch, idea, write-them-up notebook for basically anything.
  2. My Moleskine Peanuts Black Plain Large - I use this for product ideas, mind map and sketches. 
  3. My Picasso notebook. - I use this as my project book with a whole list of projects that I'm working on. I write down all the projects that I'm working/will work on. From something as small as an ATC swap to some bigger project like moving.
I love how Claire of Heart Handmade UK shares her list of notebook ideas. Check it out :)


  1. I need to do the same thing. They serve no purpose sitting on the shelf. What is your leather journal? I want something similar. The Midori looks somewhat like yours but it has features I don't like, the knot in the middle of the back cover, for example.

    1. The leather journal is something that I made actually based on the Midori system. I have changed it a bit since this post. I took out the rubber elastic band that is located at the back since I also don't like the back knot :D Perhaps I will do an update notebook/planner post later on. Thanks for your comment. Take Care.

  2. Anonymous12:49 am

    Really inspiring... Thanks Justine for share.
    Something that work very well for me, it's to use a whole notebook for a specific experience (ex. gardening course, singing lessons, etc.), and if you don't finish that notebook, leave it maturing in a safe place (just like good wines!) to the next experience, month or maybe years later.
    Carlos from Argentina.