Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{ Handmade stamp by Dakiki - Oct 30, 2012 }

{ Handmade stamp by Dakiki - Oct 30, 2012 }
I mentioned in a previous post that I have purchased a handmade stamp from a local Hong Kong artist, Dakiki. I Picked it up from post office on Saturday and have already been playing with it over the weekend. The stamp is so detailed and lovely that I would love to order to a custom stamp from her in the future. She also works with fabric and colour pencils. Here is her facebook page. (It is in Chinese but if you're interested in getting her work, you could always message her in English.)
{ 小雞手作印- Oct 30, 2012 }
我之前提到一個香港本地手作/藝術家小雞 那兒買一枚她的手作印章我星期六郵局把它撿回來,並玩了一個週末。已經印了一疊在午皮紙上準備寫手帳,Lifebook和Mailart 時貼上 小雞的橡皮章刻得相當仔細,上面的呵呵笑胖貓好可愛! 色鉛筆畫畫得很好而且還會用針線弄出各式各樣的作品! 天啊! 有興趣請到她的 Facebook

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