Tuesday, January 08, 2013

{ Monthly Planner - December 2012 十二月手帳分享 }

{ Monthly Planner - December 2012 Update }
  • December was a very busy month. Mr. C and I went to watch a Japanese movie, A Ghost of a Chance. We also attended several family and friends gatherings during and after the holidays.
  • I have a lot of fun playing with business cards, MT tapes, stickers and magazine clippings for this month. (I'm not associated with MT or other deco tapes in any way, I just like using it.) I use at least 10 different MT tapes for the December page. I'm still playing with different ways to do my monthly planner pages. It is a simple and easy way to document my day when I don't have too much time for an art journal page. (The A4 ones that I used to do way back.) Give it a try. It only takes me a few minutes to do each box. Think of it as doing a mini art journal. Have fun! :D
  • I could list the names of the MT tapes on the blog if anyone is interested.
{ 手帳分享 ~ 十二月2012 }
  • 12月是一個非常忙的月份。 C先生和我去看一部日本電影, 搵鬼打官司。我們還參加了幾個家庭和朋友聚會。
  • 這個月我用名片,MT紙膠帶,貼紙和雜誌剪報玩手帳。我用至少10個不同的MT紙膠帶裝飾12月的頁面。這是一個簡單而容易的方式來記錄我的一天,我現在沒時間每天做 A4大小的art journal page,所以試試玩手帳,把它看成是做一個小型的artjournal。

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