Tuesday, March 05, 2013

{ Monthly Planner - February 2013 二月手帳分享 }

{ Monthly Planner - February 2013 二月手帳分享 }
  • February 1st: My Reward Day! I allowed myself to buy some cute stickers and a tiny teddy coin purse from a local bookstore. I also rented a vcd to watch the Moonrise Kingdom as part of my reward for a month's hardwork!
  • February 4th: Finished my Oyster card cover design for graphic class! yeah!
  • February 5th: Watched a very inspirational movie, Go Grandriders, about a group of eldery riding motocycles for a trip around Taiwan. Most of them are in their 70s with some of them in 80s. Many spent their early life working and taking care of their families so they seldom had time to travel. So this is a way for them to accomplish one of their big dreams. :D
  • February 9th: Mr. C and I went to the flower market in Shatin. We picked up a pot of beautiful flowers for the Chinese New Year. It is now enjoying sunshine in our roof garden.
  • February 10th: The 1st day of the Chinese New Year! It is the Year of Snake :)~  
  • February 14th: I tried to make Tiramisu at home for the first time! It doesn't look very nice but sure tasted heavenly! :)
  • February 22nd: Cooked Pasta Fagioli for the first time! Tasty!
  • February 23rd: Finished my graphic and advertising courses today! Only 6 more to go! Yeah~
  • February 24th: Went Hiking - MacLehose Trail and High Island Geo Trail.
  • February 25th: Made my 1st Mandala! So fun!
  • February 28th: Started working on my 1st graphic design submission.
  • I used some candy packaging, movie ticket, fruit stickers, Mindwave stickers, red pockets from the chinese new year and some deco washi tape for the February planner pages.

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