Tuesday, April 09, 2013

{ Art Journal ~ April 1-7, 2013 }

{ Art Journal ~ April 1-7, 2013 }
  • Collage made from a leaflet about the Andy Warhol exhibition.
  • Made a beautiful leather notebook cover. I'm in love with it. :D Going to share photos of it later on.
  • Started listening to the Anita Blake audio books. It is an interesting book about the supernaturals.
  • It has been raining almost everyday here in Hong Kong. When the rain does stop, kitty cats, butterflies, and group of snails wondering around us. :)
  • Mr. C and I went to Stanely to enjoy a leisure day off.
  • Visited the Tsang Tai Uk at Tai Wai. Cannot believe that I have never visited this historical site.

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