Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{ Grateful Journal ~ July 17, 2013 }

{ Grateful Journal ~ July 17, 2013 }
  • Grateful for the time we spent with Mr.C's family at the Chinese University campus. It was a beautiful day. (All of the above photos were taken there.)
  • Grateful for the cucumbers that we got from our roof garden. They became part of our healthy salad dinners. We just got a pot of eggplants, so photos of them will be poupping up in this blog. :D
  • Grateful for the all the feedbacks I got from Dee about the notebook I made for her.
  • Grateful for the 3d max class I'm taking now, it makes me realize how little I actually know about the software and the exercises I have to do to catch up. Always good to learn new things! :)
  • Grateful for all the love and opportunities around us. Take Care :D

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