Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{ What I MAde ~ Watercolour Kit - July 27, 2013 }

{ What I MAde ~ Watercolour Kit - July 27, 2013 }
I came across a blog post about making a diy watercolour kit a few days ago. It makes me think about my old kit sitting in the dark somewhere. I have not used it since it is a large kit that I don't want to carry around and I have always saved it for special times since it is a bit pricy. But that blog post showed me a compact kit that I could make and would love to carry around.
I found a tiny plastic box I got from Jusco years ago and placed my watercolour pans in it. They fit in perfectly! I used double-sided tape at the bottom of each pan and sticked them onto the box. Then I made a colour swatch for it and will place it in the box after I get it laminated later on. This kit is only 1/3 the thickness of my old kit one weight less! Now I feel more certain that I will use it more often. :)
Sorry, I don't remember where I came across that blog post, will update here when I find it again.

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