Tuesday, August 06, 2013

{ What I MAde ~ 30-Day Goal Journal }

Goal List for my 30Day Goal Journal.

Day 30 of 30 DGJ
{ What I MAde ~ 30-Day Goal Journal }
I read about this deadline based method from one of those "get-everything-done" books, finally decided to try this format.
  1. I list out all the things I would like to accomplish by the end of August on the first page.
  2. Then use memos sheets for the Day and the Task for everyday. (I have the templates all done but would like to try out this method with notebooks I have at home before printing out all the sheets. I also intend to re-use the Day memos for the next 30 Day Goal Journal. )
  3. I list out the top priority tasks on memos of 3 different colours.
  4. Write down the next steps needed to accomplish the goals on the note page.
  5. Do them.
  6. Then at the end of the day I will review my list and write down the next steps onto the page for next day.
  7. I will re-use the yellow exercise/health related memo for the rest of the month. The other 2 memos will be crossed out and added to as the tasks are done.
  8. I have also decided to use the Mandala Planner on the 30DGJ after I finish and improve the last batch printed.
    Will update on how these work out on September. Take Care :D

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