Friday, October 04, 2013

{ We're Going to Japan! ~ Oct 4, 2013 }

{ We're Going to Japan! ~ Oct 4, 2013 }
Please excuse my lack of posting here. I have been busy getting my Osaka+Kyoto+Kobe trip set. Mr. C and I thought about going to Japan way back in March. We talked about visiting in summer or in autumn. Then earthquake and a typhoon hit Kyoto. We both thought Japan is not happening this year for us. As we discussed it more, Japan still seems to be a #1 destination we would like to visit so we spent many many nights looking for tickets and accommodation info. Finally we got our flight and accommodation set just this morning! Yeah!! We still have not figured out when to visit where in a very detailed form. We just know which area we're staying for the night. So if you have been to Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, please give us some recommendation. (Or any great places visit, to eat, things to get, please let us know. Thanks!)
Our travel plan is: We're going on Nov 18 - 25.
  1. Nov 18: Hong Kong ~ Osaka.
  2. Nov19: Kobe.
  3. Nov20~22: Kyoto.
  4. Nov23~24: Osaka / Nara / Miho Museum.
  5. Nov25: Osaka ~ Hong Kong.

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