Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{ What I MAde ~ Washi Tape Bookmark/Mini Sample 紙膠帶書籤/分裝 }

{ What I MAde ~ Washi Tape Bookmark/Mini Sample 紙膠帶書籤/分裝  }
Material: Kraft cardboard, packing tape, washi tapes and a leather scrap.
  • Pick the tapes you would like to use. Make sure the length of the the cardboard mid section matches the width of the washi tapes you selected. 挑選你想使用的紙膠帶。確保紙板中間部分的長度和你想用的紙膠帶寬度相同。
  • Wrap the mid section of the kraft cardboard with packing tape. (This will make sure that the washi tape does not get too sticky to the cardboard.) 用包裝膠帶纏牛皮卡紙的中間部分。確保紙膠帶不會粘到撕下牛皮卡紙)。
  • Wrap washi tapes around the cardboard for several rounds. 你想用多少紙膠帶做分
  • Attach the leather scrap to the board. 加上皮料。
Now you have a washi tape bookmark that also functions as a mini washi tape sample. 紙膠帶書籤/分裝完成!

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