Wednesday, January 22, 2014

{ Grateful Journal 小確幸~ Jan 22, 2014 }

{ Grateful Journal 小確幸~ Jan 22, 2014 }
  • Grateful for the new dishes I learnt to cook. Well Mr. C is even more grateful about this than I am.... :D 感恩 ~ 我學會了做新菜。 
  • Grateful that I have finally finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I have not read a good fiction for years mainly because I read more "instructional books" nowadays and that I have long decided to finish reading all the books that I have at home before buying any new books. I will try to get the next two books of the series from a library sometime in 2014. 感恩 ~ 我終於讀完龍紋身的女孩。我沒有讀好的小說多年,主要是因為現在我讀了更多的“instructional 的書”和我很早就決定要看完家裡所有的書,才買的新的。
  • Grateful for the watercolor kit#2 that I made recently. I put together the 1st kit in 2013 but due to the limited color options available at the local art supplies stores I was not able to get as much colors in the kit as I would like. After reading what some other people do online, I decided to make one using watercolor tubes instead of pre-made pans. Will do a more detailed post later on about this. 感恩 ~ 我最近做了水彩套裝#2。我在2013年做第一套,但由於​​美術用品商店有限的彩盤選擇我決定用水彩管 (watercolor tube?) 再做一個。稍後會寫這。
  • Grateful for the FREE online workshop offered by Strathmore . This year there is a watercolor workshop! :) Go signup and play! 感恩 ~ Strathmore 提供免費在线的工作。今年有一個水彩畫工作坊! :) 去註冊玩玩!
  • Grateful for the sunny weather we're having here in Hong Kong and hope that everyone is safe in Canada and US. 感恩 ~ 香港陽光明媚的天氣,希望在加拿大和美國的大家安全。
  • Grateful for all the love and opportunities around us. Take CAre :D 感恩 ~ 所有的愛和我們身邊的機會。Take Care :D

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