Wednesday, March 05, 2014

{ Grateful Journal 小確幸 ~ March 5, 2014 }

{ Grateful Journal 小確幸 ~ March 5, 2014 }
  • Grateful: I learnt and made 3 new dishes within the week. They're Beef, Beans Sprouts with Seasame Sauce, Mixed Peas Veggi Soup and Dumpling with Soup. The first two are delicious! The dumplings not so good, will have to change the ingredients next time.              感恩:我學會了3個新的菜。他們是芝麻醬牛肉營養雜菜湯上湯水餃 。前兩個好好吃!餃子不太好,下一次會改的成分。
  • Grateful: I finished reading Interworld! Yeah~   感恩:我讀完Interworld
  • Grateful: Mr. C bought me beautiful roses~~ :)   感恩:C先生給我買了美麗的玫瑰花~~
  • Grateful: The delicious lunch we had at United Cafe Bistro last Sunday.   感恩:我們在United Cafe Bistro 吃美味的午餐。
  • Grateful: The cute and really cheap Mindwave stickers I found at a local bookstore.   感恩:我在當地的書店發現便宜可愛的Mindwave貼紙。
  • Grateful for all love and opportunities around us. Take CAre! :D    感恩:我們身邊所有的愛和的機會。Take CAre! :D

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