Thursday, April 03, 2014

{ What I MAde ~ Rubber Stamp 橡皮章 ~ Apr 3, 2014 }

  • My 30x/30Day Project for March ~ 30 Rubber Stamp/30 Day. I have been wanting to make stickers for my planner and art journal so I drew the designs on a piece of circle label. Took out a few pieces of rubber from Daiso, a cutting knife then started working.
  • 我三月的30x/30Day 項目 ~ 30件橡皮章/30天。我一直想有自己的貼紙貼在手帳和art journal上,所以畫了一些設計,掏出幾塊大創橡膠和美工刀,然後開始工作。
  • Draw the design with pencil or lead. Transfer the image to a piece of rubber.
  • 用鉛筆或鉛畫出設計,將設計transfer到一塊橡膠上。

  • Cut the outline of the design.
  • 切出設計的輪廓。

  • Gradually cut out the details of it.
  • 漸漸切出設計的細節。

  • Clean the lead with a piece of tape and keep working on the details.
  • 用一塊膠紙清潔橡膠上的鉛,繼續努力切出細節。

  • Clean the lead again and test out the stamp. Cut the stamp out of the rubber and use it to stamp it anyway you would like. Enjoy! :D
  • 再次清潔橡膠上的鉛。測試切戳出來的橡膠。完成! Enjoy! :D
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