Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dammi tanti baci~ :D

A Quickie:
619 exams & essays

... bookmark already sent to Mr. C... ...

Baci & Love Note~
1) Baci is the BEST tasting chocolate ever ! Each Baci, creamy dark chocolate and rich hazelnut center, comes with a Love note written in 4 different languages~ (Baci=kisses in Italian) So so sweet~~
2) Find time to donate blood
3) Red Cross is looking for volunteer, reminder for self: call their office to check it out
Toronto Region : 1623 Yonge Street - (416) 480-2500
4) Toronto Italian Film Festival on June 7 2006, wanna watch: A Journey Called Love﹐ Partigiano Johnny and Ulysses, but would I have enough time to watch all these films?
5) Bloor Cinema : members $ 5 admission for a movie, sounds like a good deal to me!
6) Signed up for Amy's ATC & Mailart Swap, the theme is “Fairy Tales & Fables", hmm....

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  1. Hallo, I'm Raffaele from Italy.
    I was seeking for dindin in internet and I have found your blog.
    Actually I have invented a slang expression "dindin" in my work-team.
    When I say dindin it means "wake up" "pay attention to me".
    You blog is very interesting.

    Bye bye.
    If you want, see mine