Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace!?

How could we possibly gain peace with war?

When mothers and fathers lost their children
when people lost everything they hold dear with the drop of a bomb
when soldiers witnessed the fall of their comrades
when bodies are sent back home and treated as national heros
when it is "us" against "the others"
when there is no end to greed and hatred

The ball has started rolling
It can no longer be stopped...

Photo Sources: (Be critical & proactive, question the validity of these sources and "facts")
1) alJazeera Magazine
2) BBC news - Haditha: Massacre and cover-up? Eyewitnesses' version
3) BBC news - Haditha: Massacre and cover-up? US Troops' version
4) Destruction and Civilian Victims of the Anglo-American Aggression in Iraq (Warning: Page contains photos which may not be suitable for all viewers.)
5) - 7) U.S. Department of Defense - Operation Iraqi Freedom
8) Iraqi prisoner abuse

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Interesting Read:
China Military Power Report US Department of Defense (2002 - 2006)
Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace essay written by Gore Vidal (Webpage is a review of the article. BTW, it is the first time I came across "Order of Alexander the Great", haven't checked out the Order yet... though it sounds interesting... The brief info stated that it has its roots before the birth of Christ... my "curious radar" is picking up something again... )

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