Saturday, January 03, 2009

{ Creative 09' - Blossom }

Ali suggested picking one word for the year 2009. I picked "Organize" as my word at first but it didn't feel complete. I need to move forward and burst out. So I finally settled with the word "Blossom". I want to experiment, to embrace life so much more and to let my creative energy to burst free and bloosm into whatever forms it need to take.

So I want to start 2009 with a list of projects that I am and will work on:

* Paper Adventure 08 - I came across Paper Adventure 08 during 2009 new year (LOL). It is a list of 52 weekly promo starting from Jan 08 to Dec 08. I felt like a higher power wanted me to discover this at the very beginning of a new year. So I talked myself into adding another project to my creative 09 list. Operation 00 is to create a book (any form) to document/journal/record the coming 52 weeks of 2009. I made a book out of my X'mas gift packaging.

I didn't cover the cardboard with any fancy paper coz I want to remind myself of the transition from 2008 to 2009 and that I feel so loved at the time. (I received a kat banker from Mr. C and a "Loved" charm purchased from TejaesArt.

* I also made a little sketchbook/gratitude journal for my purse so I can get a little sketch therapy during the day then put down 5 things that I'm grateful about the day in the evening.

* Joined the Creative Everyday 2008 around Dec last year, this year I started early and joined the Creative Everyday 2009.

* 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days - Thinking of the 101 things I want to do within 1001 days.
* Ali's A Week in the Life - Capture a week of life.
* Collage Play With Something Two Crow About
* Do Not Leave Unattended
* Many Maniacs Creating Art - mainly on art journal.
* The 10,000 People Project
* The Sketchbook Project III
* Weekly Challenge / Play - Illustration Friday , Inspire Me Thursday, Small World of Inchies & Twinchies

My right side bar is getting longer & longer. Perhaps I did take on too much artsy projects, may be I will never finish any one of them but the progress will still be a worth while experience.

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  1. Din Din, the last doll I made (Colette) was out of paper clay. I used chopsticks for her legs. Now I'm going to go read your blog. It looks juicy!