Friday, January 02, 2009

{ Happy New Year!! }

So much to share, first, my Jan 1, 09's journal page about my experience going through an expressive art therapy workshop on Dec 29, 08'. We participated in various exercies which are designed to help us relax and to connect with others around us with the help of music, drama and art. I did feel more refreshed after the workshop, but due to the limited time, we didn't get to the "therapy" (or I should say the "consultation" part which interests me most. I have to agree that by doing all the art exercises is already part of the therapy.) I will look up the books introduced during the workshop to better understand how art therapy works.

This is one of the group paintings we did during the workshop.

Art works and clay figures by Hong Kong artist Carrie Chau. Simply wonderful!!

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  1. Happy New Year!

    I am assuming the therapy was in the creating. :) lol

    Lovely pieces by Carrie Chau. Thank you for sharing them :)