Monday, May 11, 2009

{ Happy Mother's Day & Art Sunday - May 10, 09' }

Went to visit Grandmother today for dinner gathering. She is a sweet & happy lady though I really have to get her see doctors about her eyes, teeth and feet. She is so scared to see doctors about these issues. Will have to talk to my aunts about her soon.

Had a video chart with mom, she seems to be doing ok in Toronto though there are some H1N1 cases over there as well. Perhaps will go back next year depending on how things turn out in HK.

Joined Swap-bot, did a mini-zine swap & a beginner's inchie swap and just joined a goal list swap. I figure I need to write down them down anyway, may as well get 1 done and send out for swap. 1 stone for 2 birds :) My goals list is quite long and still growing. Will post about it later when it is done.

The photo above is showing a drawing I'm still working on. It started out as just a mandala, but gradually grows to becoming part of a buddha figure. It is not finished yet, will see where it wants to go. I photographed it on my muji agenda. I find it really helpful with a weekly schedule on one side and note page on the other.

Almost 1am, gotta go back to my AD models.

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  1. beautiful drawing your working on! i love the blues!