Tuesday, May 12, 2009

{ Happy Tuesday ♥ }

from left to right:
4 of the mini zines I have received for the mini zines swap and a teddy bear box that I bought just to store them. (Ever since I laid my eyes on it, I have been looking for an excuse to get it. lol )
Delicious strawberry from the wet market. Didn't take the camera with me much this week, will remember to take it out more often.

Craft book recommendation -

Ms Applegreen has just got a new book out on needle felting and wet felting. In comes with a DVD! Very afforable too! Check out her adorable felt creations. (The book is in Chinese.)
I will definitely put this book on my list!

Finally went get to watch Coraline in 3D, have to admit I love the animation and craft, however 3D glasses is making me sick... Didn't feel so good afterwards. Looking forward to making some Coraline inspired craft after my finals in May. Went onto the movie site and made myself this funny looking jpg.

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