Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{ I ♥ Nico Digi - July 28, 10' }

I got my Nico Digi vq1005 last year and have been taking snaps with it ever since. I like how unpredictable the photos turn out . Sometime I get crappy shots, sometimes I get ones I like.Well ok... many times I get crappy shots but it is just fun. The only complain I have with this little camera is that I need to replace battery often, which is not good since I dont' have rechargeable ones yet.
For those interested, see the vq 1005 info on amazon. Nico Digi is just a more adorable version for vq1005. The spec. are the same. 
Here are snaps I took recently. enjoy! :)

  • Outdoor  (HK & Macau)

  • Indoor.

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