Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{ Russian doll craft kit - July 10' }

  • I finally finished one of the many craft kits I have at home. This is a Russian doll id kit I got from Ann . I'm not good at sewing but still managed to finish it. It is really easy to make once I took the first step  to make it. :) Taking the first step is already 1/2 the battle!  Going to give to mama when she comes to visit in November.
    • Finish 1 craft kit (July10')
  • Recent Haul: 3 sets of stamps (perfect for stamping onto agenda coz they're so tiny!), 1 PaulF notebook, and a travel book for India. I have been thinking about backpacking India recently. I would love to go around Sept if possible but need to do a lot of research for it. 
    • Has anyone been to India? How do people like it? Any tips?

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