Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{ What I made #1 }

I have to be honest, I didn't do the morning page, journal page these few days coz I spent much of my spare time on these:

  • I'm learning leather craft. This is a binder I made recently as an agenda. Need to make more changes to it.
  • Reading a few books on using of agenda and notebook to achieve goals. One of the points is super interesting: use white circle labels and draw your own stickers for the agenda. I like cute and motivational stickers!
  • Just got Paulo Coelho's Veronika Desides to Die. I have not read any review of the book before purchasing it since I'm so impressed with The Alchemist. Looking forward to reading it soon.
P.S. I'm still kicking myself to finish my 2011 resolution... -_-;


  1. Oh, I love this and hey, the Morning Page police REALLY don't exist. I know, because I regularly don't write right away although today, I think I need to. As soon as I bake coffee cake and paint the shelf I am working on, then I will write. :-)

    Grateful I found you via #CED2011 today!

    Check my CED2011 check in here!

  2. I try to do a morning painting everyday but if the creative juice run I jump rwright into my painting, but I did find it usfull for that day's that by 3 cups of coffee you realy need to do something the morning paintig is a no presure thing it does not matter how it turn out and that kets me back at the easel, enjoy your creative journey!